Sex & Love: Sex Ed and The Screen

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‘Sex Ed and The Screen’ – partly a generous pun on ‘Sex and the City’ (which is mentioned here), but mostly, these are the two things I had in mind when thinking about this episode. That’s because I think these are the two things that – for better or worse – have a profound influence on how we come to learn about love, sex, and relationships. With that in mind, this episode is split into two parts:

1. ‘We were explicitly told that we were not allowed to touch the condoms.’ The National Union of Students recently found that just 32% of young people rated the sex education they received in school as ‘good’. I asked a group of fellow students about their experiences and what they thought could be done differently.

2. ‘There was nothing macho about him…’ How have the representations of relationships we see on screen changed? My student panel shared some of their ideas, and I spoke to Film Studies lecturer Dr Elisabetta Girelli. She told me how depictions of sexuality in cinema have developed, and about the way audiences saw the life of Hollywood star Montgomery Clift. As part of a new generation of actors, and a self-identified bisexual, he was disruptive both on and off-screen. I hope you enjoy listening to the discussion!


Montgomery Clift, Queer Star by Elisabetta Girelli

Films starring Montgomery Clift: Red River and A Place in the Sun were mentioned, but he starred in many more.

The Celluloid Closet (shows gay and lesbian characters through film history)

Different From The Others (the first gay rights film)

Kissed (the film about necrophilia)

Sexpression has groups based in universities around the UK, and provides sutdent-led sex and relationship education to local communities.

The Asexuality Visibility and Education Network is great resource on asexuality.

‘Sex +’ with Laci Green a fantastic go-to for real, honest advice on sex and relationships (and for the record, it was mentioned in the group discussions!).

Aaaaand for fans of old Hollywood actors, a great big picture of Montgomery Clift. You’re welcome.


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